With the world’s highest waterfalls and the region’s largest lake, a Caribbean coastline and the Andes mountain range, Venezuela is an explorer’s dream.


Its landscapes range from the verdant plains of Los Llanos, to the sprawling river system of the Orinoco and include the striking tabletop mountains of the Gran Sabana and the Amazon rainforest.


Perfect for those seeking adventure off the beaten track, it is a Latin country with a strong Caribbean beat and an interesting indigenous culture.


Its capital city, Caracas, won’t fail to impress with its dramatic mountain setting, but it is the west which will most appeal to those seeking adventure. Here you’ll find Pico Bolivar, at 5000 metres, where you can ride the world’s longest and highest cable car for amazing views over the Andes or join wildlife-themed tours.


Venezuela’s headline attraction, is the towering Angel Falls, usually visited by light aircraft or a combination of motorised canoe and trekking through the Gran Sabana in Venezuela’s south-east.


The Caribbean coast is popular for Margarita, Venezuela’s leading beach destination, just a short flight from Caracas. Here there are idyllic islands, reefs and pristine waters to explore plus the National Park of Los Roques.


Thanks to the efforts of the Venezuelan Governments Matisse's 'Odalisque in red pants' has returned to the museum of contemporary arts in Caracas.


Venezuela is served by connecting flights from gateways served by Air Europa, American Airlines/American Eagle, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Iberia Airlines, KLM and United Airlines.  Regional services into Venezuela are operated by Insel Air.


More information in the Guide to the Caribbean (pages 56-57).


A number of cruise lines include Venezuela on their Caribbean itineraries. More details will follow shortly.


Venezuela Islands offers a range of accommodation options. More details will follow shortly.

Tour Ops

Three CTO-member tour operators serve Venezuela. See pages 58-59 of the Guide to the Caribbean.


Venezuela’s best-known holiday destination is Margarita Island which receives two million visitors a year.
Coche Island and Cubagua Island are also popular.
Margarita Island, known as the ‘Pearl of Caribbean’ is 38 km north east of the mainland and the largest of Venezuela’s islands. The weather here is sunny and dry with temperatures of 24 to 37°C. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is El Yaque, internationally known as an excellent location for wind and kite surfing.
For city buzz, head to Juan Griego where the main attraction is its fort and for marine wonders, check out Los Roques Archipelago - a National Park formed by more than 50 islands and cays as well as 250 coral reefs.
Fill you time with sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, kite surfing, kayaking, bone fishing or sailing.