Authentic, like its people; attractive, like its beaches; surprising, like its cities; contrasting, like its natural environment; and fascinating, like its culture, Cuba is a combination of riches.

A mixture of races and cultures, of styles and rhythms, of aromas and flavours, this magical archipelago imposes its charm, and has a seductive power which is attracting an ever-growing number of visitors, eager to experience the country.

To stroll around its towns and cities is to be drawn into its captivating past which can be seen in its architecture and history. To enjoy its culture is to become part of the very soul of this charming and dynamic island, with its rich heritage of music, dance, drama, literature, film and culinary art.

Cuba is home to several UNESCO biosphere reserves, parks and ecological reserves with a conservation focus. This is not just another typical holiday island. This is Cuba, authentic and unique.

Its natural splendour is perhaps best described in Columbus’ legendary description: “This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen”. A true natural paradise, this authentic island contains treasures of flora and fauna, with numerous endemic species.


Perfect weather. Pristine waters. Spectacular scenery. Soaring architecture. Exotic wildlife. Exuberant nightlife. And a procession of vintage automobiles


Cuba is served by direct Thomas Cook Airlines and Virgin Atlantic flights. Regional services into Cuba are operated by BahamasAir, Cayman Airways and Rainbow International Airlines.


More information in the Guide to the Caribbean (pages 56-57).


Several cruise lines include Cuba on their Caribbean itineraries. More details will follow shortly.


Cuba offers a good range of accommodation options. More details will follow shortly.

Tour Ops

Thirteen CTO-member tour operators serve Cuba. See pages 58-59 of the Guide to the Caribbean.


What a pleasure to be back in Cuba after more than 30 years, as everything is of such good quality now. I start in Old Havana where so much work is going on to restore the lovely colonial buildings, and check out a couple of boutique hotels. Then a tasting session in the Rum Museum before riding back to my hotel in a pink 1956 Ford Fairlane. Then on to Trinidad, most beautiful and relaxed of the colonial cities, where there’s live music in every bar and a wonderful choice of late night venues. I find another stylish boutique hotel in Remedios, a lovely old town where I vow to return for its renowned Christmas parades. Then over the causeway to Cayo Santa Maria for some beach time, at an all-inclusive hotel as good as any I’ve seen.

Dave Richardson, Freelance Journalist